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The Long and Healthy Way Home

So as you are aware Kristen and I have given up all foods that have sugar in the list of ingredients until August 20th. As we discussed this idea, we realized how much more conscious we will become of the foods that we eat and it will give us the motivation to step it up a notch. It will steer us away from packaged foods, and more towards foods that are in their natural state. We are looking forward to seeing what difference if any occurs within our bodies. I am also looking forward to exploring new recipes.

It is about time that I make my first post, I am sorry it has taken me so long. I left Okinawa and Kristen a little over a week ago, I was picked up at the airport in Salt Lake City, Utah and began the drive east back to Massachusetts, where I will be living throughout the summer and early fall. It was a lot of travel time which means a lot of sitting time, which can be tricky for me. When you are flying in an airplane and riding in a car, your exercise and activity is limited, therefore it can be very beneficial to be mindful of your energy intake through food. Throughout all of my travels I have learned how important it is to prep and plan your meals and snacks. Take time to create a list, and a food menu for your daily meals during your travels.

As we traveled from UT to MA we had a cooler for perishables and a few cloth bags for non-perishables. I have listed some suggestions of foods that we have traveled with that are convenient and have the least amount of preservatives or none at all, and are foods that give your body energy that you need to sustain and keep you alert through long drives.

  •  Pre-Made sandwiches- saves time, money and you are in control of exactly what goes in them. There’s the American favorite- Peanut Butter and Jelly, an old standby and always tastes good. If you can, use homemade whole wheat bread and jam obviously, but that takes lots of time and there are other great options. (See following posting with Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches recipes for the conscious eater.) When you can’t make everything from scratch, especially with the busy lifestyles we all lead, there are some other great option such as buying breads from local bakeries or farmers markets. Shopping in the supermarket I found bread made from Vermont Bread Company they use honey or molasses to sweeten it which is a plus and there are minimal ingredients, and for me it is a local bread which is something I like to keep in mind as I shop.
  • For jelly I buy Polaner which has no added sugars, only fruit and fruit juices. There are many times when I forgo the jelly all together and use real fruit, because that is all jelly should be made of so why not use the real thing, which tastes great and also provides vitamins and nutrients your body can put to use. Examples of fruit I use are: Bananas, apples, grapes, kiwi, and raspberries, I am sure there are many others that taste great I just have not experimented with them yet. (Let me know if you do!)
  • And the last ingredient Peanut Butter, I always buy natural with the oil separated and if you look at the ingredients all it lists is peanuts. (Some brands I have purchased are Adam’s Natural Peanut Butter from Walmart,  If you take a peak at the ingredients on Skippy, Jif and similar peanut butters there are at least 5 ingredients. Why? Grinding peanuts makes peanut butter, why the extras? Have fun exploring and getting creative with peanut butter and jellies, and they pack great and make a delicious lunch on the go.
  • Cut up fruit, placed in the cooler: Apples, oranges, bananas, kiwi- fruit that travels well and can be eaten as is.
  • Natural peanut butter on Stoned Wheat Thins, made by Red Oval Farms, a good hearty cracker that has no sugar and minimal ingredients.
  • Cut up veggies (carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery) and hummus ( I recommend Sabra Hummus), placed in cooler.
  • Homemade Trail mix – See recipe in following post
  • Assorted nuts- great to buy in bulk at natural food markets, I enjoy them unsalted or lightly salted.
  • Small container of milk and cereal to have for breakfasts. All you need to bring is one bowl per person along with a spoon, and it is an easy and nutritious breakfast. Examples of cereals with minimal ingredients, no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) or sugar are:
    Grapenuts– buying the store brand is cheaper and have same ingredients.                    Any of the Kashi Cereals                                                                                          Homemade Granola-Granola in boxes at the supermarket have way too much sugar, a great place to buy granola if you don’t have time to make it, is in the bulk section of a natural foods market, if you look at the ingredients they do not use sugar as a sweetener, and have many beneficial ingredients.
  • Pre-made roasted vegetables, placed in glass dish in the cooler, to make grilled vegetable sandwiches. Bring along the extra bread from the pre-made sandwiches, a block of cheese, and spread some of the hummus you have brought on the bread, add few slices of cheese and load it up with veggies. Yum!

Here are just a few ideas, I am aware that they are many more out there. It does take extra time to plan ahead and bring these foods with you, but it is so worth it. There is no need to put fast food product into your body or any food product you can buy at gas stations. You are paying money to put rubbish into your body.

If you have any suggestions of healthy travel foods please post them! I love learning new things, especially when it involves my health and the health of others.


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