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Muffin Monday: Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

As many of you already know, I love reading food blogs (so much that I might even say I’m obsessed with it) and that is why I decided to start my own food blog. Since Mind Your Bees and Trees is so new, I’m always looking for new ways to get more involved in the blogging community and meet fellow food bloggers. Today is my first time joining other bloggers for a community post and I’m so excited about it.

Welcome to Muffin Monday! Muffin Monday is an initiative started by Anuradha at Baker Street. Anuradha describes Muffin Monday as “a culinary journey of sharing a wickedly delicious muffin recipe every week to make the world smile and beat glum Monday mornings.” Be sure to check out Baker Street today to see who else joined in on Muffin Monday.

I love muffins so I was pretty excited when I first saw this idea. I was even more excited to see that this week’s recipe involved chocolate—yummy! As always, I made this recipe with unprocessed sugar, but instead of using honey or agave this week, I got to test out my new organic whole cane sugar. The sugar looks nothing like regular white sugar and smells a bit like molasses so I was curious to see how it would taste in these muffins. I’m happy to report that the muffins turned out really well. There was not a strong molasses flavor (like there was with my peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies)—just chocolately deliciousness :).

My husband and I both enjoyed one of these muffins right out of the oven, and for breakfast the next morning. Do you know what is better than double chocolate? Double chocolate with peanut butter! For breakfast this morning, I heated up the muffin and then spread peanut butter on it (for protein of course ;)). Since the muffin was warm the peanut butter melted all over the muffin—oh man it was sooooo good. YUM!!

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins
*Recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson. The original recipe was in grams so I converted it to cups using my scale—hence the slightly strange measurements.

1 3/4 cups + 2 tbsp (or 1 7/8 cups) plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp best quality cocoa
3/4 cup + 3 tbsp sugar (I used organic whole cane sugar)
1 cup chocolate chips (plus more for sprinkling later)
3/4 cup walnuts, chopped
1 cup (+ a little extra) milk (I used skim)
6 tbsp oil (I used unsalted butter, melted)
1 large egg
1 tsp real vanilla extract (I used 2 tsp)

Preheat oven to 375°F and grease a 12-cup muffin pan or fill with paper liners.

Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl and set aside.

Combine all wet ingredients and add to dry ingredients, stirring until just combined and no dry spots remain. The batter will be slightly runny.

Fill muffin cups with batter and sprinkle more chocolate chips on top.

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the muffins have risen and are springy to the touch.

If you’re interested in joining Muffin Monday, please contact Anuradha at Baker Street.

Question: What do you do to beat glum Monday mornings?


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Friday Finds and MYBT Week in Review

Happy Friday Everyone!  I have been busy, busy, busy working on my thesis all day. Six weeks from today I’ll be defending my thesis to a panel of three professors—EEK! I’m nervous, but I’m actually really excited about my project so I’m sure I’ll be fine :). Even though I only have six weeks left of the two years I have been in grad school, it seems like so far away. Why is it that when you’re almost done with something it seems so far away?

Taken from my balcony. I'll never get over how beautiful the sunset is.

I’m going to keep this post short so I can get back to reading blogs writing my thesis, but I wanted to remind you to please be sure to keep checking Mind Your Bees in Trees because I’m going to be teaming up with some other bloggers this week! I’m really excited about it and I think you’re going to love the recipes I’m going to share :).

MYBT might also be getting a makeover soon (if I can figure out some more of this computer coding) so stay tuned—you don’t want to miss all of this excitement!

Also, don’t forget to subscribe—by email or RSS feed—so you don’t miss any of our posts :).

Here is a recap of what we posted this week on Mind Your Bees and Trees:

The Most Amazing Strawberry Pie
Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Artichoke Puree
Kaiserschmaarn (aka Giant Shredded Pancake)
Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

And now for some recipes that had me saying, YUM!!

  • The Complete Updated Guide to Grilled Pizza (from Serious Eats)  I love pizza and have been wanting to try grilling our own pizza for a long time.  This post is very thorough and starts out like this “I’ve long said that grilling pizza is by far the easiest way for a regular home cook to get pizzeria-quality, soft and airy, crisp, well-charred, smoky pies at home.”  SOLD!
  • Tuna Avocado Ceviche (from That’s so Michelle)  Ceviche makes me think of Peru and in case you didn’t know, I heart Peru.  I lived there for a year and a half so it will always hold a special place in my heart.  I was never really a fan of raw fish before, but I ate a lot of ceviche in Peru and sort of fell in love with it.  This combination of tuna and avocado sounds outstanding!  If you’ve never tried ceviche, you definitely should.
  • Tangled Noodles (from Claire Robinson on the Food Network)  I saw Claire make these noodles today and was very intrigued.  The noodles are just angel hair pasta, but instead of boiling them in water, she cooks them like risotto by adding a little bit of liquid (chicken broth) at a time and letting the pasta absorb the liquid.  No boiling and draining necessary.  Hmmm…very interesting!  I’m curious to try it.  It sort of seems like they will be really rich and salty like ramen noodles.
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream (from Vittles and Bits)  I was sooooo excited to see this recipe because I immediately knew it had to be based off of Ben & Jerry’s amazing oatmeal cookie crunch ice cream.  That flavor was by far my favorite at Ben & Jerry’s and I was SO DISAPPOINTED last year when I found out they had stopped making it.  I cannot wait to try this.  It’ll probably be the first thing I make when the sugar challenge is over!
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly “Truffles” (from Healthy Mama)  I’ve seen a lot of recipes lately for different raw treats that trick your mind into thinking you’re eating dessert.  Dates are usually the main ingredient and there are lots of variations for the other ingredients.  With only 3 ingredients (that I happen to have on hand), I’m curious to try these.
  • Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites (from Love from the Oven)  Did you notice that I always have at least one thing on this list that is loaded with sugar and chocolate?  Even though I’m not eating processed sugar right now, there is no doubt that I’m a chocolate addict and can’t wait to have some again when this challenge is over.  I have to stockpile these recipes until then J.  This super easy sweet and salty combo looks excellent.  They also look to be very addicting which means I should give most of them away when I make them!

And just because I love blogs with pictures, I’m going to leave you with these:

Since I told you I love Peru, I thought I would leave you a picture of what it looked like near where I lived.

And this is what it looks like in Okinawa.

This is how Harold likes to relax 🙂


Question: What was the hardest thing you ever worked towards? What did you do to motivate yourself when you didn’t want to keep going?

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