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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

On any given weekday, you can usually bet that I’m either having oatmeal or a smoothie for breakfast.  Once in a while I’ll have cereal or yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.  If fresh fruit were cheaper/fresher/more available here, then I’d be eating it everyday for breakfast—like I did last year when I was home visiting my parents.

Fresh Peaches, Raspberries, and Bananas.....I think I'm in heaven!

But on the weekends, I like to make big breakfasts.  It’s probably because when I was a kid my mom used to make awesome weekend breakfasts.  Her specialties were Kaiserschmarn, Orange Juice French Toast, and pancakes.  Kaiserschmarn is like a big giant pancake that you break into pieces and eat with applesauce.  I will work on making it with natural sweeteners and then I promise to post it because it’s definitely one of our favorite weekend breakfasts.  OJ French toast aka Pain Perdu (which roughly translates as ‘Forgotten Bread’) might sound weird, but trust me when I tell you it’s one of the best French toast recipes I’ve ever tried.  I promise to post that recipe too at some point.

Anyway, back to the pancakes.  When I was younger, my mom wouldn’t just make me ordinary pancakes, she would make pancakes in all sorts of shapes.  She would pour the batter into a pitcher and then use the spout to make Mickey Mouse, hearts, a school bus (on the first day of school of course), spell out my name, etc.  I loved this—and so did all of my friends.  She would make anything we requested.  Her pancakes were always the best and slightly underdone—just how we always requested :).

I still love pancakes, but I never make them.  I’m not sure why—maybe it’s because they aren’t the same when they aren’t made by my mom.  In my family we have another favorite pancake recipe though and this one comes from my Aunt Gwen.  It’s for cottage cheese pancakes.  Have you ever tried them?  We frequently request them—even for dinner—when we go to her house because they are sooooo good!  I hadn’t had them in a long time so I recently asked her to send me the recipes.  They were just as delicious as I remembered and I thought you might like them too.

Aunt Gwen’s Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

A note from Aunt Gwen: The cottage cheese pancakes are SO easy…and so economical.    And they’re very forgiving…..eggs or eggbeaters…..whole milk, 2% or skim milk….. 4%, 2% or 0% cottage cheese.   Of course, real eggs, whole milk and 4% cottage cheese are best, but anything works.  Also, I make a couple of receipes and keep the left-over batter in the fridge [covered] for up to a week IF YOU’VE CHECKED THE ‘USE BY’ DATE on the ingredients.  Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert…..with sweet stuff or creamed chicken or, or, or!

Basic recipe:

1 cup cottage cheese

3 eggs

2 tbsp flour    (I used coconut flour—YUM!)

2 tbsp oil

2 tbsp milk

Blend in blender!

Use 1/4 cup batter for large pancakes.  [Larger pancakes than this will break in two because they’re so thin and tender.]  Use 1 Tbsp. batter for dollar size pancakes.

**The pancakes turn out more like crepes than regular pancakes because they are so thin and tender.  I love to top mine with yogurt, fresh fruit, and a little real maple syrup….YUM!

Question: Do you like to have big breakfasts on the weekends?  What are some of your favorite breakfast recipes?


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