Food Rules by Michael Pollan – This is a must read for anyone interested in nutrition, health, and wholesome eating.  It is very short and thus a really quick read.  It’s perfect for anyone–whether you know a lot or a little about nutrition.  There is a brief explanation in the beginning of how Michael Pollan (a journalist) came up with these Food Rules, which he summarizes as “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly Plants. (p. xv)”  The subsequent 64 rules explain what he means by those three sentences.  The book is excellent and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Natural Sweeteners – This is a great list that I refer to often.  It lists 11 different natural sweeteners, how and of what they are made, and uses for them.  There are great tips for substituting these sweeteners with sugar in various recipes and how cooking temps and other things (such as amount of liquid, baking soda, etc.) should be adjusted.

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